We are AMZ Softtech. We are Digital. We help You go Digital-First.

We help businesses transform for growth, continuously.

We offer end-to-end Digital Assurance and Digital Engineering services to global enterprises across verticals such as BFSI, HCLS, Retail, TTH, ISVs, and more.

Our strategic Digital Assurance, Quality Engineering, Advisory & Transformation, and Quality Assurance services help enterprises implement the best digital transformation practices and accelerate the launch of secure applications. We help predict and prevent unanticipated failures, leveraging AI-driven, proprietary Continuous Testing & Test Automation solutions, which are platform and tool agnostic, thereby optimizing engagement for customer experience.

Our Digital Engineering expertise spanning across Data & Insights, Business Intelligence/Visualization, AI/ML, Product & Platform Engineering, Blockchain, & Intelligent Automation powers enterprise digital transformation journey with a robust core.

Digital Assurance Accelerates Digital Transformation

We believe that the radically expanding digital horizon requires Digital Assurance and Software Testing services to achieve continuous, accelerated growth. We provide end-to-end digital assurance services catering to this digital age such as hyperautomation, cloud migration, client experience, and more that businesses can leverage to maximize their growth potential opportunities.

As changemakers, we assure Digital Transformation across the value chain, helping enterprises across the globe overcome challenges as they implement new technologies to continuously achieve digital outcomes. We ensure availability of secure, seamless, and robust IT infrastructure, AI-driven automation technologies, frameworks and solutions to develop agile and responsive products and applications for our clients.

Our modernized AI-driven Quality Engineering approaches cater to the business needs of scalability, reliability, and ensured continuity – assuring safety, security, and performance of your applications and data, thereby leading to empowered business resilience. Our continuous digital transformation support helps you:

  • Experience AI-Driven Quality Engineering
  • Craft a flawless digital customer experience for your users.
  • Access continuous testing services powered by AI and ML, leveraging our IP BlueSwan™.
  • Empower your business resilience.

IP and Innovation

With our IP-led approach, we harness the power of innovation to create tailored solutions that deliver measurable impact and drive growth for our clients, drive transformation, and reduce the overall cost of quality.

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