Software Testing for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Ensure quality & optimize performance of Healthcare & Life Sciences-based applications using Next-Generation Testing.

Software Testing Challenges of Healthcare & Life Sciences

With Gartner forecasting a 30% likelihood of security breaches in essential infrastructure by 2025, healthcare enterprises must exercise caution due to the potential costs of data breaches. It’s imperative for the Healthcare & Life Sciences industry to prioritize digital assurance, adhere to various rules & regulations, and engage strategic partners certified in ISO 13485, ISO 45001, and SOC, ensuring comprehensive protection and compliance. This necessitates adopting digital technologies, big data analytics & BI, compliance with a vast regulatory landscape, legacy modernization, transforming processes & systems, and improving IT efficiencies. Healthcare & Life Sciences organizations need to ensure functional efficiency, performance, security, and privacy of applications, data, & devices to win the digital landscape.

AMZ Softtech offers software testing solutions for diverse life science and healthcare players such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare services, clinical labs, diagnostic centers, third-party administrators (TPA), payers, medical equipment manufacturers, healthcare ISVs, and research organizations. We provide end-to-end Advisory & Transformation services, Test Automation, and Performance, Functional, & Security Testing solutions with a strong emphasis on regulations, compliance, quality, and more.

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