Automated Functional Testing for Assured Software Quality

We ensure your applications function the way your users want them to. Anytime. Every time.

Automated Functional Testing for improved quality & faster go-to-market

With customer experience playing a critical role in the success or failure of enterprises, they need to focus on performing end-to-end functional and non-functional testing (for example, regression and performance testing) for their mobile, web, eCommerce applications or for enterprise solutions such as CRM, ERP, and more.

AMZ Softtech provides automated Functional Testing services that ensure the verification & validation of applications for global enterprises. Our software functional testing services focus on testing applications against defined specifications and meeting the end user acceptance for seamless and robust functionality.

With deep experience in testing both open source & commercial automation tools such as Selenium, we take a functional testing approach that leverages proven industry-standard testing techniques, tools, pre-built test accelerators, and methodologies. Our analytics-driven regression testing approach has been utilized by multiple clients across various industries & ensures that new features or enhancements do not cause any unintended impact to the existing quality of applications.

Functional Testing Helps Global Healthcare Group Achieve Reduced Test Cycle Time and Improved End-user Confidence

The Client is a Global Healthcare Group engaged in the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products, including vaccines, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and health-related consumer products. The Client sells its products through different websites and applications.

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